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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers On Home Buying In Atlanta

People who want to buy a home in Atlanta seek clarification on different issues confusing them. They ask a series of questions regarding buying a home in Atlanta to understand the process and to also make the process easy for them.

We have compiled the most frequent out of these questions and we have answered them to shed light on issues related to home buying in Atlanta.

I know little about home buying in Atlanta. Where do I start?

Start by reading and asking relevant questions (like the one that you asked above). Read articles, talk to experts and other informed people. In essence, home buying in Atlanta is not different from home buying elsewhere but, surely, Atlanta does have its own peculiar issues and policies. This is why your most important starting point is finding out about these specifics. With the right information about real estate in Atlanta, home buying by extension, you are well grounded enough to deal in homes in Atlanta.

What are the factors that determine the values of homes in Atlanta?

Factors that determine values of homes in Atlanta vary but commonest are: the type of home, its location, the time of purchase and the general condition of real estate. You have to always put these and other factors in consideration when you are involved in any home buying process in Atlanta. They play important roles in determining values of homes in Atlanta (and you can say this of other places too!).

I found the home I want, what should I do?

First of all, cheers to you! Congratulations on finding yourself your desired home. Your dream of living in your home of choice is about to be realized. Now, do these: ask pertinent questions about the home, its neighborhood (in view of your own personal taste and need); then contact a realtor who can work with and for your on your newfound home until it’s yours.

Must relationship between buyers, realtors and sellers be disclosed when buying a home?

Yes, it is very important that there is a full disclosure between all parties involved. Everyone concerned has to have the knowledge of what the home buying process in Atlanta which involves them. This is important for legal and moral reasons.

In any case where someone is in the dark about the process, there could be problems resulting from such a deal. So be sure to go in with sincerity and ensure you find out about what the deal entails.

Who should make a price offer when I have found the home I want to buy?

Let us say, simply, that to find your home is yours while making it yours (in contract and negotiation) is your buyer’s agent’s. Your agent is better positioned to price and haggle the price in relation to the standard and other current factors in real estate. All that is left to you is understanding the detail of the deal and formalizing it by fulfilling its requirements, if you are OK with them.

How long is required to finance the purchase of a home in Atlanta?

The duration allowed for the finance of the purchase of a home to buy is dependent on the contract agreed upon. This is one of the important things to discuss and agree upon during talks with the seller side. Everything about home buying financing and payment is mist often contract dependent, so be sure to get things discussed and agreed upon.

Who should handle closing when buying a home in Atlanta?

Attorneys usually handle closings in Atlanta. They work for the mortgage company and are paid by the company. Theirs is part of the closing fee. In a case where there is no mortgage company involved, the purchaser can hire any attorney of their choice at their own expense. An attorney closing a home buying deal handles, among others, examination and documentation.

What are the funds required for closing?

Down payments (which are more things that are contract dependent) are often needed to close home buying deals in Atlanta. In addition, closing costs may be required. With down payments, the seller is assured that the buyer is committed to the contract. Closing is usually required when no mortgage company is involved and, as such,

Where does closing take place and who should be there?

Closing takes place at the attorney’s office. Persons buying and selling must be present along with their buyer’s and seller’s agents.

When does closing take place?

Closing generally takes place within sixty days after the parties have agreed on the contract. Transfer of title is also done at this time.

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